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Today Pfizer UK offers a diverse portfolio of antibacterial and antifungal medicines. We are committed to support the appropriate use of antibacterial/antifungal agents to improve patient outcomes. Join us at one of our promotional medical education events to learn more.

The promotional meetings below are organised and funded by Pfizer and may include reference to Pfizer medicines relevant to agenda topics.

Live Webinars

  • Bacterial Topic

Clinical effectiveness of Zavicefta® (ceftazidime avibactam) in severe Gram-negative infections

22nd/24th Sept

Speakers: Professor Miguel Sánchez García and Dr Luke Moore

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  • Fungal Topic

Treatment pathways and management of haemato-oncology patients with invasive fungal infections (IFIs)

6th/8th Oct

Speaker: Dr Nabeela Mughal

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  • Bacterial Topic

Resistance mechanisms and outbreaks

13th/15th Oct

Speakers: Dr David Jenkins and Dr Mahableshwar Albur

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  • Fungal Topic

Diagnostic landscape of invasive mould disease

20th/22nd Oct

Speaker: Dr Phillip Lewis White

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  • Fungal Topic

Invasive aspergillosis management in ICU patients

3rd/5th Nov

Speaker: Dr Silke Schelenz

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  • Bacterial Topic

Treating HAP/VAP in critically ill patients

10th/12th Nov

Speaker: Professor Antonio Torres Martí

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  • Bacterial Topic

Appropriate management of cSSTI and CAP infections

17th/19th Nov

Speaker: Dr Silvia Corcione

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  • Fungal Topic

Optimising invasive aspergillosis treatment in the current environment

24th/26th Nov

Speakers: Dr Andy Peniket

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The meetings above are organised & funded by Pfizer Ltd. Please note that, under the law and the ABPI Code of Practice, Pfizer may only promote its medicines and provide hospitality to members of the healthcare professions and other relevant decision makers. Therefore, no unqualified person (e.g. medical students, non-medical spouses/partners/family members) may be invited to or attend Pfizer promotional meetings.

On-Demand Videos

Access our key brand pages to view archived footage of previous webinars

Prescribing Information

Zavicefta (ceftazidime avibactam)
ZAVICEFTA® 2 g/0.5 g Powder for Concentrate for Solution for Infusion – SPC
Legal category: POM. Basic NHS price: 10 vial pack £857.00.

Cresemba 100mg hard capsules – SPC
Legal Category: POM. Basic NHS Cost:14 caps pack £599.28
Cresemba 200mg powder for concentrate for solution for infusion – SPC
Legal Category: POM Basic NHS Cost: 1 vial pack £297.84
Zinforo (ceftaroline fosamil)
Zinforo® 600 mg powder for concentrate for solution for infusion - SPC
Legal category: POM.  Basic NHS cost: 10 vial pack £375.00