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Depo-Medrone is indicated for the symptomatic treatment of; rheumatic disorders, collagen diseases, dermatological diseases, allergic states, gastrointestinal disease, respiratory disease. Depo-Medrone may be used by any of the following routes; intramuscular, intra-articular, periarticular, intrabursal, intralesional or into the tendon sheath.

Arthritis presents a spectrum of treatment and lifestyle challenges

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is associated with reduced mobility, loss of time at work, and diminished quality of life (QoL)

  • Patients with RA experience restricted mobility and concomitant pain as a result of irreversible joint damage1
  • Almost 30% of patients with RA stop working within one year of diagnosis2
  • RA is associated with poorer psychosocial well-being, decreased life satisfaction and emotional distress3

Osteoarthritis (OA) has an adverse impact on patients’ physical and psychological health

  • 71% of people with OA are in constant joint pain, which equates to 6 million people in the UK
  • Joint pain and reduced function affect an individual’s social life and limit their independence
  • Joint pain comorbidity (JPC) is common in patients with knee OA and is negatively associated with health-related QoL5

Steroid injections, like Depo-Medrone6, are widely used to treat musculoskeletal problems like osteoarthritis (OA)7

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