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Diagnostic landscape of invasive mould disease

This promotional meeting is organised and funded by Pfizer and may include reference to Pfizer medicines relevant to agenda topics.

  • Fungal Topic

Diagnostic landscape of invasive mould disease

Date: 20th October & 22nd October

Time: 12pm - 20th October 
            6pm - 22nd October 

Duration: 1 Hour

Additional details: This is a live webinar.  A live Q&A with Dr Phillip Lewis White will be available.

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About the webinar

This webinar is a promotional meeting that will focus on:
•    An overview of current diagnostic tests 
•    The advantages, disadvantages and challenges of existing diagnostics

About the speaker

Dr Phillip Lewis White
Consultant Clinical Scientist,
Head of the PHW Mycology Reference Laboratory, 
University Hospital Wales

This meeting is organised & funded by Pfizer Ltd. Please note that, under the law and the ABPI Code of Practice, Pfizer may only promote its medicines and provide hospitality to members of the healthcare professions and other relevant decision makers. Therefore, no unqualified person (e.g. medical students, non-medical spouses/partners/family members) may be invited to or attend Pfizer promotional meetings.