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DYNASTAT provides greater reduction in pain intensity versus diclofenac following hernia repair

DYNASTAT (40 mg) BID significantly reduces pain intensity vs equivalent doses of diclofenac after 8 hours and on the morning of the first postoperative day1

Full preview Dynastat reduction in pain intensity vs diclofenac following hernia repair

Prospective, randomised, double-blind study comparing IV DYNASTAT 40 mg BID versus IV lornoxicam 16 mg/day and IM diclofenac 150 mg/day over 24 hours following Lichtenstein tension-free mesh inguinal hernia repair (N=510). Pain intensity and impact were measured using a 0−10-point analogue scale. Lornoxicam data not shown. *P<0.001. BID: twice-daily. Adapted from Kyriakidis et al 2011.

Should DYNASTAT play a part in your short-term postoperative pain management solution?

  • DYNASTAT is the only injectable COX-2 selective NSAID currently available for the management of postoperative pain in adults2
  • DYNASTAT offers a number of features and benefits that make it a compelling choice of analgesic to address specific considerations in the general surgery setting.


Benefits of DYNASTAT

Adequate control of different levels of pain following ambulatory and inpatient surgeries3,4

Effective pain management to support early mobilisation3,4

  • Rapid onset from 7-13 minutes2; peak effect within 2 hours (IM or IV)2
  • Long duration: up to 11 hours in hernia repair1 and from >5 to 8.7 hours in a variety of surgical procedures after a single dose5,6

Minimise opioid consumption to reduce length of stay and risk of complications4,7

  • Dynastat (versus placebo) with morphine delivered significantly improved postoperative analgesic management as defined by reduction in opioid requirement by up to 40% (p<0.01), lower pain scores (p<0.05), reduced time on patient-controlled morphine (p<0.01) and higher Global Evaluation ratings (p<0.001)8
  • Effects of multimodal analgesia with Dynastat and opioids are additive; significantly improved analgesia and significantly lower use of morphine in knee replacement surgery versus placebo (p<0.05)9
  • The opioid-sparing effects of DYNASTAT have been demonstrated in multiple surgery types8-10



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