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Anidulafungin, an evidence-based treatment for invasive candidiasis, has been used in adult neutropenic patients and patients with deep tissue infection1

Global success at EOIVT in neutropenic patients*

Full preview Global success at EOIVT in neutropenic patients

Resolved neutropenia; ANC>500 cells/mm3 before EOIVT. Persistent neutropenia, ANC≤500 cells/ mm3 at EOIVT.

*Pooled analysis of data from one randomised, double-blind, comparative study and four open-label, non-comparative studies. The neutropenic subset was a limited number of 46 patients at baselines; post-baseline ANC data were available for 26/46 patients.1,2

Adapted from Herbrecht et al 20142

ANC, absolute neutrophil count; EOIVT, end of intravenous therapy

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