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Manufacturing and Supply Chain Excellence

The breadth of Pfizer’s portfolio is significant, from prevention to cure. It includes vaccines to prevent serious illness ,medicines that treat a range of important common conditions and some that are for rare and life threatening diseases.
At Pfizer, our purpose is to bring innovative medicines to patients and vaccines to keep people healthy, whenever and wherever they are needed. To meet that commitment, we take a rigorous approach to our global manufacturing and supply network. 
Pfizer’s Global Supply (PGS) team manage a network of over 50 Pfizer owned manufacturing sites and over 250 contract manufacturers, around the world. The team harness data and forecasting from all countries to inform our decisions and processes, thus creating a highly efficient manufacturing and supply network that continually optimizes the way we deliver medicines to our patients. 
Through consistent high standards for quality, compliance and supply reliability, and by delivering value without compromising quality or compliance, Pfizer's supply network provides fast, flexible solutions across the full manufacturing and supply chain spectrum and delivers high quality medicines around the world.

Pfizer's Supply Chain

Learn about our manufacturing and supply chain network that optimises the way we deliver medicines to our patients

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In the UK, our supply chain is one of the most effective medicine-delivery services. The Pfizer team based in Sandwich, working in partnership with our Direct To Pharmacy (DTP) Logistics Service Provider (LSP) Alliance healthcare, manage the supply of medicines from Pfizer’s global manufacturing network to dispensing healthcare professionals.
Together they manage the supply of 40 million packs of our medicines to over 19,000 healthcare customers each year, which means that, when people become ill, our medicines are available when they need them, 24 hours a day.

Transforming Molecules to Reach Millions

Pfizer’s products are highly complex. Did you know, it takes the input of 1,700 employees working with 400 raw materials across 580 manufacturing steps over two-and-a-half-years to manufacture each dose of our Prevnar-13 vaccine. Not only does Pfizer master this process, but we do so at a massive scale – the company recently produced our billionth dose of Prevnar-13.1

The Journey of a Life Enhancing Medicine

Watch this animation to understand the many complex and varied steps Pfizer takes to bring a quality medicine to a patient.

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