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Treating Patients with TOMUDEX (raltitrexed)

Raltitrexed is a cytotoxic agent and should be handled according to normal procedures adopted for such agents1.

The dose of raltitrexed is calculated on the basis of the body surface area. The recommended dose is 3 mg/m2 given intravenously, as a single short, intravenous infusion in 50 to 250 ml of either 0.9% sodium chloride solution or 5% dextrose (glucose) solution. It is recommended that the infusion is given over a 15 minute period1.

Other drugs should not be mixed with raltitrexed in the same infusion container. In the absence of toxicity, treatment may be repeated every 3 weeks1.

Dose escalation above 3 mg/m2 is not recommended, since higher doses have been associated with an increased incidence of life-threatening or fatal toxicity1.

Dose adjustment for renal impairment is required1:

Creatinine Clearance Dose as % of 3.0mg/m2 Dosing Interval
>65ml/min Full dose 3-weekly
55 to 65 ml/min 75% 4-weekly
25 to 54ml/min 50% 4-weekly
<25ml/min No therapy Not applicable


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