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Observational studies

In European observational studies, Tygacil demonstrated high clinical response rates in 254 adult patients with cSSTI from four different countries (France, Italy, Spain and Germany)1

Many patients with cSSTI were critically ill1

  • A majority of patients (90.9%) had ≥1 comorbid condition

  • Obesity was observed in 27.3% of patients

  • 72.7% of patients had been previously treated with other antibiotics

  • 69.0% of patients required surgery

  • The mean APACHE II score was 15.0

  • The mean SOFA score was 5.8

Clinical response at end of treatment in patients with cSSTI1

  • Clinical response rates were 86.7% in patients treated with Tygacil monotherapy and 63.5% in patients treated with combination therapy

  • Overall, 71.8% of patients received Tygacil as monotherapy and 28.2% as combination therapy

  • Overall clinical response rates were 85.5% in patients treated with Tygacil as a first-line therapy and 78.1% in patients treated with second-line therapy

  • Community and hospital acquired infections were associated with response rates of 85.1% and 75.0%, respectively

Clinical response at the end of treatment by disease severity1

Full preview Clinical response at the end of treatment by disease severity

Adapted from Montravers et al. 20131

Adverse events2

Tygacil alone or in combination has a safety profile consistent with the level of critical illness in cSSTI as shown in real-life data from European observational non comparative studies.

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APACHE, Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation; CI, confidence interval; cSSTI, complicated skin and soft tissue infection; IV, intravenous; SOFA, Sequential Organ Failure Assessment, TOC, test of cure


  1. Montravers P, Basseti M, Dupont H, et al. J Antimicrob Chemother 2013;68(suppl2):ii15–ii24.
  2. Guirao X, Sanchez Garcia M, Bassetti M, et al. Safety and tolerability of tigecycline for the treatment of complicated skin and soft-tissue and intra-abdominal infections: an analysis based on five European observational studies.